Two week camp sessions running from June 8th - August 14th, 2015. Ages 7 - 15.

3D Printing & Scanning * Virtual Reality * Robotics and Electronics * Programming * Music and Video Production * Drone Flight School * Minecraft * and more!

The summer is upon us once again and we have cooked up an entertaining camp of fun and learning for the kids. Does your child have an interest in technology, music or art? Our camp is designed for kids to explore their interests while learning how to manage their learning experience. The curriculum is centered around exploring topics such as: programming, electronics, robotics, microcomputers, virtual reality, 3D printing, drones, music, video creation, collaboration, communication, and entrepreneurship. During the camp the kids will be making something they can be proud to show to other people.



Team Building & Computer Science Concepts


Tin Can Robots & 3D Printing


Drone Flight School & Minecraft Logic


Music & Video Production


Raspberry Pi and Python Introduction


Little Bits & Electronics


Virtual Reality & Project Work Day


Project Work Day


Project Work Day


Project Work Day / Maker Day Demo (5pm)

Maybe your child wants to play MineCraft all day. She might take interest in designing and building traps within the game and sharing it with her friends. Building traps introduces them to higher forms of planning and learning by managing their design and implementing the necessary logic into their system. Or maybe your child likes to fly RC drones. Learning to fly and maneuver obstacle courses is an opportunity to increase spatial reasoning skills. What happens when children use coopetition with limited resources to learn from each other and create a shared experience of winning and losing? The Ultimate Tin-Can Fighting Robot League is that sort of experience. The kids team together to create vibrating fighting robots with access to a 3D printer to create a custom identity.

Just a taste of the projects student will work on


In this project, students will create their own arcade machine complete with a joystick and arcade button controls.
LinuxCircuit Design


This project will allow students to create their own internet based radio device for listening to their favorite music off Shoutcast Radio.


This project entails creating a portable camera with the Raspberry Pi.
Image Processing3D PrintingCircuits

Music Visualizer

This project entails creating a stage lighting fixture of LED lights that dance to the beat of your favorite music.
CircuitsLight ControlC Programming

Synthesizer/Drum Machine

This project entails creating a usable musical instrument with the Raspberry Pi. Students will connect buttons and control knobs together with the pi to control sounds being synthesized on the Pi. A 21st century instrument, with your own creative touch.
Raspberry PiSound SynthesisC ProgrammingLinux

Session Schedule

Session Days Time Capacity
1 June 8 - June 19 9am - 5pm FULL
2 June 22 - July 3 9am - 5pm FULL
3 July 6 - July 17 9am - 5pm FULL
4 July 20 - July 31 9am - 5pm FULL
5 August 3 - August 14 9am - 5pm FULL


  • Date: June 8th - August 14th, 2015, in two-week sessions ages 7 - 15
  • Time: 9am - 5pm
  • Location: Wynwood Warehouse Project, 450 NW 27th St, Miami, Fl 33127
  • Price: $400 per session
  • Lunch: Optional | $50 per week
  • Supplies: All supplies will be provided
  • Laptop: Recommended


Nelson Milian

I believe learning should be fun and exciting for all ages. When you get to know people, they usually have an interest that lights up their eyes. Finding and nurturing that passion is our misson here.

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Willie Avendano

Creative Technologist, Experimenter, Artist, Teacher.

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Danny Lafuente

I am an impact-driven entrepreneur with a passion for making Miami a better place to live, work, learn and play. I am the founder of The LAB Miami and MIA Made, through which I have looked to support local innovators by giving them a place to connect with other change makers and turn their ideas into actions.

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Ric Herrero

Is an Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of MIA Made.

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Wynwood Maker Camp FAQ

Do students need prior experience?
No prior experience is needed for the camp but learning will be tailored to each student’s progress level to ensure skills acquisition and increase confidence with STEAM topics.
Do students need to be good at math or have an interest in science?
No! The camp will cover these topics in a way that is engaging and fun. Students will be learning by building fun things like cameras, video arcades, radios, and visualizers using cool new technologies.
How are students supervised?
The camp will have 2 full-time instructors with a maximum of 15 students. Instructors are trained in safety procedures including CPR, injury or allergic reaction protocols, and always have a copy of the camper’s emergency contacts with them. Additionally, all students are expected to abide by the Camper Code of Conduct .
Do I need to worry about my kid becoming a mad scientist?
After this camp…probably.
How do I pay?
You can pay up front or set up a weekly payment plan (deposit required 1-week before session begins). You may pay by CC, Check, or Cash.
Where do I sign up?
Sign up your child right below or call us at (786) 505-7769 for more information.

We Are At Capacity